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Family Valentine’s Party | Halcyon | Alpharetta, GA | 02/12/2022

This was my first visit to Halcyon, and I now wish I lived in Alpharetta so that I could attend practically every event they do.

Parking was considerably easier than anticipated. A parking garage is located across the street from the event site. There was plenty of parking space available. We arrived on the fourth floor and headed down the stairwell. Taking the elevator was also an option. It was also convenient that they had a couple of people directing traffic there. Oh, and PARKING IS FREE!

We followed the crowd as they led us towards the busy party area. A lovely lady greeted us and handed us some adorable event brochures shown above. I wish there was also a map included.

We decided to start with Mickey and Minnie, who were posing for photos from 12:30 until 2:30pm. The line was long, but it moved quickly. It was good that there was a lady assisting you with snapping shots with your own phone.

It was also wonderful that while I was holding our place in line, my brother took my baby to play in the sandbox, which was packed of kids and grownups having a good time.

He also had the opportunity to play in the ball arena, which was quite dangerous. Children can be rough, and they were kicking balls in the faces of children by accident, and some would purposely kick them out of the area, hitting people standing in line nearby.

At one time, I was smacked in the face while standing outside watching my child.

On the back of the pamphlet, there was a list of shops in the vicinity that were running offers.

We stopped by Holmes Slice, a pizza restaurant, to purchase a box of pizza baked from scratch and cooked in a wood-burning oven.

I appreciated how they asked for my phone number so they could text me when the pizza was ready.

The wait was only approximately 10 to 15 minutes long. The pizza was delicious! There was only one slice left in the box when we finished.

On-site, there was a FREE photo booth, which was fantastic!

Both inside and outside of the small trailer, there was a setup. We began by capturing shots with our mobile phones on the setup outside. We were assisted by a lovely lady in line. Then we were ushered inside, where a worker snapped photos of us with our own devices before we gazed into the box to pose for photos as the timer counted down, just like a standard photo booth.

On our way to the puppy play area, we stopped by “It’s A Sweet Life’s” cart for some chocolate coated oreos and red velvet cake.

I can say one thing about this event: there were dogs EVERYWHERE. That day, around one-third of the population was made up of dogs, haha. They were all nice to see too.

The event was enjoyable. I’d love to return to Halcyon whenever possible! There’s so much we haven’t done, so many shops and locations we haven’t yet seen. Hopefully, the next event will have a map so I can make more direct stops or I will personally have more time to explore.

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Lunch Date with My Little Cupid | The Melting Pot | Atlanta, GA

The Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant, offering a range of fondue cooking styles as well as distinctive meals, salads, and amazing desserts.

It was simple to find parking because it was immediately close to the restaurant. The parking fee was ten dollars.

I booked reservations at 3pm and arrived around 10 minutes late, but they still weren’t ready for us. We had to wait around 10 minutes longer for a table to be cleared and cleaned.

There wasn’t much seating available near the front entry, but there weren’t many people there anyway.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I dined with my baby and cousin on a three-course fondue feast.

Our server greeted us and asked whether it was our first visit to the restaurant, which it was. The menu was a little perplexing, but he went on to break down what we were looking at on the menu so we could grasp it better.

There were three menus: the holiday special, the normal menu, and the kid’s menu were all available.

I noted that the kid’s menu didn’t really seem… childish. There were mostly only meat and seafood selections. My toddler doesn’t really eat any of it, so I inquired if they had any fries available; they did not.

The Melting Pot presented an incredible, participatory dining experience that converted moments into memories from the minute the first piece of bread was dipped into our cheese fondue.

Our server began by bringing us our drinks. I ordered a sweet tea, which is a popular drink known for being “hit or miss” in terms of sweetness. I had no complaints. My cousin ordered a water with lemon and I ordered my baby an apple juice that came in a cup with a lid and straw.

We were asked what style of cheese fondue we preferred because we were there for the Valentine’s Day special. It took us a minute to decide, but our server, whose name I wish I remembered, was really patient. I then inquired which option he would suggest, and he suggested that the cheddar cheese was the standard and most popular choice. That’s what we got.

Our cheese fondue was provided with bread, vegetables, and fruit on the side. I never thought about dipping a green apple in melted cheese, hehe. It tasted strange.

Then we had to decide which salad we wanted. We both ordered Caesar salads. It was served with no additional dressing to be added. I only like ranch on my salad so I waited to eat mine until I could request some to be brought to the table.

We were then asked what kind of chocolate we preferred. We went with the traditional milk chocolate.

It was my absolute favorite part of our lunch. I honestly believed the chocolate fondue order only included a side of strawberries. However, oh my goodness! Strawberries, bananas, brownies, marshmallows, cake slices, and waffle pieces were included. It was incredible! The warm melted chocolate was delicious.

We chose our favorite cheese fondue, salad, entrée, and chocolate for the 4-Course Experience, then prepared our food and savored sauces to enhance the flavor in every bite.

The “Melt Your Heart Petite Entrée” was an optional addition to the Valentine’s Day event special. It appeared to be a little taster lunch. It came with three pieces of chicken, three shrimp, and three pieces of steak. Some extras were also included, such as potatoes and broccoli, as well as a small selection of different sauces to try.

Instructions with appropriate cooking times for each item were supplied, as well as a disclosure regarding cooking safety at the table and how to avoid cross contamination.

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7 Free Coloring Apps For Relaxing & Creative Fun – Reviews

Coloring apps, which allow you to color images as if they were on a coloring book page while using your phone or tablet’s touchscreen are wonderful.

Coloring Isn’t Just For Kids

Coloring apps, which allow you to color images as if they were on a coloring book page while using your phone or tablet’s touchscreen, are wonderful for smaller children since they allow them to be creative without making a mess. For older children and adults, coloring apps provide an alternative to casual gaming and a peaceful way to pass the time wherever you are.

I got the help of a little person to test a variety of coloring applications and select my favorites. There are apps designed specifically for children, some that offer an innovative 3D coloring experience, and yet more that will play back a time-lapse video of your coloring-in process.

I arranged these apps in descending order, with my favorites at the top and my least favorites at the bottom, regardless of star rating. The star ranking is based on how much fun it is.

My Favorite Coloring Apps

Rating: 5 out of 5.

About: This app allows you to color over 5000 unique coloring pages created by their professional artists, such as mandalas, flowers, dogs, and cats. You can even upload and bring to life your own photos and drawings!

Every day, new pictures are added to the gallery for you to color. Over 70 palettes and dozens of coloring options are available, including solid and live colors, gradients, and crayons. You can also make your own palettes! There are over 80 effects, filters, and outlines to help you personalize your artwork. You can also participate in fun color-challenging events.

My Thoughts: This is by far my favorite app of all time. It’s incredible! It’s simple to use and comes with a variety of beautiful color palettes. It’s suitable for people of all ages. It allows you to create a profile and share your photos with others. The photographs are stunning. Every category has a good selection. This is my top recommendation.

Christian’s (2 y/old) Usage: I had to download this app on his tablet because he adores it. I need to get him a stylus for his tablet because he enjoys coloring on my phone with it.

Free Version: There are numerous free coloring pages available. Unfortunately, there appears to be no filter so that you can only see the free photos; you just have to skim through them all to find one. To unlock an image, you must first watch an advertisement.

Advertisements: Yes.

Optional Purchases: The app provides a seven-day free trial. The monthly fee for Recolor Premium is $14.99. It unlocks all 5000+ images, as well as all tools, filters, and effects, and removes all advertisements.

ColorFil – Adult Coloring Book
Made by Yea Studio. Cp., Ltd.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

About: Fill in the blanks with your own colors. You can use as many images as you like, but you must watch advertising. They have drawings of flowers and animals, as well as various patterns and mandalas. You can make your own palette. It is simple to use for people of all ages.

My Thoughts: This app is amazing! It is unquestionably one of my favorites. It provides the most adorable images to choose from. A lovely collection of color palettes, and I adore the photo effects.

Christian’s (2 y/old) Usage: He had a lot of fun using this app. I gave him my stylus pencil to color with, and it was so simple for him to choose a color and tap on the image to modify it.

Free Version: I’m not sure if I’m overlooking something, but it appears like all of the images are free to use.

Advertisements: Yes.

Optional Purchases: The app’s page advertises a 7-day free trial, however I don’t see that option within the application. I notice subscription options for getting all pictures, new ones every week, and without advertisements. The costs are $1.99 per week, $5.49 per month, and $34,99 per year. These are the most affordable subscription prices I’ve found for a coloring app.

Coloring Book for Adults
Made by ColorTime & PuzzleTime

Rating: 4 out of 5.

About: There are about 500 coloring pages in this app. It includes mandala and zen drawings, flower, heart, and love coloring pages, and iconic works by artists such as Vermeer and van Gogh.

Simply tap to select a color and begin painting. Real drawing with brushes and pencils is a possibility. Flowers, hearts, weather icons, and other images can be used as stickers.

My Thoughts: My Opinion: I truly enjoy this app. “Doodles” is my favorite category. Every page on this app is completely free. That’s incredible. Be wary of short ads, but it’s nothing that interferes with your gaming. Gaming includes an easy touch to paint feature, and my favorite feature is the ability to adjust the texture and style of the color you choose! There are so many options.

Christian’s (2 y/old) Usage: He found it simple to select his own colors and tap to modify the color of an area on the image.

Free Version: Every image is available for coloring.

Advertisements: Yes.

Optional Purchases: For a one-time fee of $3.49, all advertisements will be removed.

More Coloring Apps

Colorfy: Free Coloring Games – Paint Color Book
Made by Fun Games For Free

Rating: 4 out of 5.

About: In this digital coloring book, you will find both difficult and easy art for all ages that includes mandalas, animals, patterns, and florals.

My Thoughts: I adore this app! Let’s start with the adorable photo gallery. It has a variety of color palettes from which to choose. All you have to do is choose a color and tap on the page to color in whatever area you choose. When you’re finished, you can add a filter, texture, line color, and other effects before sharing it on social media.

Christian’s (2 y/old) Usage: It’s simple for him to swap colors by accident, and many times when he tapped on the screen, nothing changed.

Free version: There’s no filter for quickly getting to all of the free images, but while I was scrolling through, there didn’t seem to be many. Maybe a couple of handfuls.

Free Trial: There is a three-day free trial period.

Optional Purchases: It is $7.99 per week to unlock all features, including photos, color palettes, no ads, and more. Other alternatives include a one-month subscription for $19.99 per month or a 12-month subscription for $99.99 per year.

Made by Teazel Ltd

Made by Me.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

About: This app has over 800 beautiful and detailed professional images for you to get creative with. There are sections for floral images, animals, sea creatures, and much more! You can use a tap or strokes to paint. There is an infinite color pallet to pick from, as well as multiple brush sizes.

My Thoughts: This app does too much. It automatically generates 50 coins to your account, which you do not have to create. Then any picture with a yellow coin on it is worth at least ten coins to color. Fortunately, there is a category with a variety of free images to choose from.

Christian’s (2 y/old) Usage: Because of the way the interface is set up while coloring an image, Christian kept hitting pop ups he didn’t plan to, such as the color wheel.

Free Version: There are 63 free images to choose from.

Free Trial: There is a three-day free trial period.

Optional Purchases: Extra coins can be purchased. 100 pieces for $0.99, 250 pieces for $1.99, and 600 pieces for $3.99. There are two subscription plans available. $2.99 a month or $4.99 for a three-month subscription to unlock all images.

Happy Color – Color by Number. Coloring games.
Made by X-Flow

Rating: 4 out of 5.

About: This app offers over 40 categories to choose from, including a new Disney category. Happy Color contains a lot of original drawings hand painted by expert artists, as well as photos of renowned characters, comics, cartoons, and so on owned by well-known studios like Marvel, Disney, and Warner Bros.

My Thoughts: It’s a peaceful game to play, and all of their photographs are free, albeit with ads imposed on you. And, for some reason, every time I play the game, I have to turn my phone upside down to make it right-side up.

Christian’s (2 y/old) Usage: Unable to enjoy it since he lacks the freedom to choose his own colors and where to color.

Free Version: Everything is available for coloring.

Advertisements: Yes.

Optional Purchases: The only thing you’ll have to pay for is to have the ads removed for a one-time fee of $7.99 + tax.

Coloring Book – Color by Number & Paint by Number
Made by Candy Mobile

Rating: 3 out of 5.

About: Each image features light blue or gray lines indicating painting locations, and each place has a number and a corresponding numbered paint to apply.

This digital coloring book gives you the opportunity to color some of the world’s most renowned paintings, such as the Mona Lisa, Starry Night, The Last Supper, and others.

My Thoughts: This program does not allow you to select your own colors for usage in the selected photo. It starts with a white canvas filled with outlined objects. You simply click the grayed our area to reveal its colors. I prefer to pick my own colors, but I enjoy the unexpected image displayed at the end. You can save the image to your phone, but you must first view a short advertisement to erase the watermark.

Christian’s (2 y/old) Usage: Unable to enjoy it since he lacks the freedom to choose his own colors and where to color.

Free Version: Everything is available for coloring.

Advertisements: Yes.

Optional Purchases: None.


For Children

  • Enhances Motor Skills
  • Encourages Creativity
  • Helps to Improve Handwriting
  • Teaches Color Awareness, Recognition and Discernment
  • Enhances focus and hand-eye coordination
  • It aids in the learning of boundaries, structure, and spatial awareness.
  • Aids in Self-Expression
  • Stress-Relief

For Adults

  • Our focus shifts away from ourselves. Coloring diverts your focus away from yourself (and the things that are stressing you out) and into the present-moment experience.
  • It calms the mind. When your mind is focused on this basic task, your brain tends to relax.
  • It’s enjoyable since the stakes are low. Color outside the lines if you want! Coloring does not produce predictable or prescriptive results. It may be as clean — or as sloppy — as you choose, which is one of its soothing benefits.
  • It enhances your motor skills and vision. Coloring is more than just a relaxing activity. It necessitates communication between the two hemispheres of the brain. While logic assists us in staying within the lines, selecting colors generates a creative thought process.


National Coloring Book Day – August 2nd annually.

National Coloring Day – September 14th annually

Thanks for reading!

I hope some of these ideas inspire you to try this new activity for some enjoyable and relaxing fun. If you have any favorite apps to recommend, please leave them in the comments!



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