8 Fantastic Tours to Choose From in Atlanta, Georgia (2022)

Explore Atlanta’s bus, trolley, electric car, segway, food, helicopter, night, and bike tours.

Sightseeing Bus Tour

Discover Atlanta’s wonders on this half-day sightseeing bus trip, which includes stops at Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park and Ebenezer Baptist Church. As you drive to Krog Street Market, Ponce City Market, Atlantic Station, and other locations, your guide will provide insight on the city’s history. Additionally, see beautiful residences in the Buckhead district.

Due to Covid 19, The CNN and indoor portion of the MLK stops are currently closed.

Duration: 5 hours
Group Size: 20 max
Ages: 3+
Food: Lunch at the CNN Center (at your own expense) – temporarily closed.
Parking: $7 – $12
Pricing: $59 ages 3 – 12, $69 ages 13+
Reservations are required: Reserve your spot online at www.atlsightseeingtours.net or call (1-800-279-9160).

Cool Things to Know

  • The bus is stroller and wheelchair accessible, although there is no lift for them, therefore a folding stroller and wheelchair are recommended.
  • You’ll be able to relax in the comfort of an air conditioned coach that accommodates 23 people and features wide windows and reclining chairs.
  • The tour operates in all weather conditions.
  • Each seat has two outlets underneath for mobile charging.
  • The shuttle will let you off only at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Site, the Beltline/Krog St Market, the Ponce City Market, and the CNN Center (Closed Temporarily).
  • You will walk for roughly 20 minutes on the Beltline and 45 minutes around the MLK Memorial Site. Bad weather means extra time at additional stops if walking isn’t possible.

90 Minute Trolley Tour

The Peachtree Trolley is the ideal way to visit the sites and get to know the South’s Capital. From Centennial Olympic Park, the trolley will deliver 90-minute fully-narrated tours of Atlanta’s “Must-Sees”.

Duration: 1h 30m
Group Size: 26 max
Ages: All ages.
Pricing: $20 ages 17 and under, $36 ages 18+

Cool Things to Know

  • Service animals are permitted on the trolley.

90 Minute Electric Car Tour

You visit places such as the Historic Inman Park, Sweet Auburn Avenue, Old 4th Ward Neighborhood, Midtown Atlanta, Downtown Atlanta, and much more!

Duration: 1h 30m
Group Size: 5 max
Ages: 8+
Pricing: $25 ages 8 – 17 and under, $36 ages 18+

Cool Things to Know

  • Service animals are permitted in the electric car.
  • For your city trip, you will travel in an eco-friendly and comfy electric automobile.
  • In Midtown, you’ll discover the city’s hottest restaurants, bars, and clubs.
  • You will visit Inman Park and the Old Fourth Ward, two historic neighborhoods in Atlanta.

Sightseeing Tour By Segway

This Segway tour enables you to enjoy the outdoors while covering more land than walking. Learn to ride a scooter with your guide and then see the city’s landmarks including Ebenezer Baptist Church, Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, and Oakland Cemetery.

Duration: 2h 30m
Group Size: 24 max, 8 per tour guide.
Ages: 14+ – Children must be accompanied by an adult.
Pricing: $59

Cool Things to Know

  • A 20 – 30 minute training session will be held before to the tour to assure your comfort on the Segway.
  • You will be riding a two-wheeled, self-balancing electric scooter.
  • You get to cruise through Cabbagetown and Oakland Cemetery, one of Atlanta’s greatest green spaces with an incredible view of the city’s skyline.
  • The tour will take place regardless of weather conditions. Ponchos will be given for those who need them.

History and Food Tour

On this walking tour of Atlanta’s Grant Park, you’ll get a taste of Southern cuisine. Try meals like hog belly toast and fried catfish at neighborhood restaurants. In addition, you’ll get to see historic homes and Oakland Cemetery.

Duration: 2h 30m
Group Size: 10 max
Ages: All ages – Children must be accompanied by an adult.
Pricing: $55 ages 0 – 10, $80 ages 11+
Lunch: Included

Cool Things To Know

  • This tour is great for foodies who are visiting Atlanta for the first time.
  • Stately Victorian mansions and the old Oakland Cemetery can be seen here.
  • The tour includes eight food tastings and one alcoholic beverage from three locally owned eateries.
  • The tour operates in all weather conditions.
  • The tour is stroller and wheelchair accessible.
  • Service animals are permitted on the tour.
  • $5.00 of your ticket purchase goes to support the Historic Oakland Foundation.
  • You can look out at the skyline from a beautiful patio.

SunTrust Helicopter Tour

Prime Atlanta provides the most elite and memorable tour experience in Atlanta. This tour is incredible for a variety of reasons, including private rides, unforgettable views, and excellent customer service.

Duration: 15m – 1h
Group Size: 3 max
Ages: All ages – Children must be accompanied by an adult.
Pricing: $215 – $699 for 2 people, add a 3rd person at a discounted rate.

Cool Things To Know

  • Water and aviation headset rentals are included in the price of the tour.
  • The tour is stroller and wheelchair accessible.
  • This is a private tour/activity for a small group. Only your group will be allowed to take part.
  • Infants must sit on an adult’s lap or in an infant seat which is provided.

City Lights Night Tour

Seeing Atlanta’s impressive buildings and structures lit up against the night sky will be an experience you’ll never forget. View Atlanta lit up in elegant white or, on special occasions, in a rainbow of colors. This City Lights Tour is going to give you a real treat. Make no mistake, there will be plenty of chances to get a good picture.

Duration: Up to 2 hours 15min
Group Size: 14 max
Ages: All ages – Children must be accompanied by an adult.
Parking: $10 – $30
Pricing: FREE for ages 4 and under, $45 ages 5 – 12, $55 ages 12+

Cool Things To Know

  • You’ll be able to relax in the comfort of an air conditioned/heated vehicle.
  • Bottled water is provided as part of the tour.
  • There will be 1-2 photo stops.
  • The tour is stroller, but not wheelchair accessible.
  • Service animals are permitted on the tour.
  • The tour operates in all weather conditions.
  • View stunning panoramic views of the Atlanta skyline.

Guided Bike Tour

Bicycle Tours of Atlanta introduces you to the culture and hot spots that make this city such a great place to live, work, and play! Along the journey, you’ll most likely come into contact with local artists, street performers, and neighbors.

Duration: 2h 30m
Group Size: 16 max
Pricing: $65

Cool Things To Know

  • All tours provide the bikes, helmets, drinks, and snacks!

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4 Tips For a Great Drive-In Experience – Atlanta, GA’s Starlight Drive-In Theatre Review

My father proposed a drive-in movie theater a few nights ago instead of watching a movie at home as we usually do. That was a poor move. I’ll explain why.

My father proposed a drive-in movie theater a few nights ago instead of watching a movie at home as we usually do. There were just three movies screening that night, each showing twice. One about 9 p.m., and the last around 11 p.m.

I inquired if he wanted to stop at a fast food place before we went to the movie. “No,” he answered, “they should have food there.” That was a poor move. I’ll explain why.

The address of Starlight Drive-In is 2000 Moreland Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316.

They’re open seven days a week.

Adult tickets are $10 each, while children ages 5 to 9 pay only $1.

On the lot, there was only one snack bar. We had to wait outside until they unlocked the doors to serve food, which was only 30 minutes before the show.

Nachos & Hotdogs

Tip #1: Bring Your Own Food

My father and I both ordered the same items. Nachos, hotdogs, sodas, and a small bag of popcorn were ordered.

The customer service was excellent. The man behind the counter was very friendly.

I made a joke about the popcorn being old because we could see it sitting outside the shop while we waited to get in. The popcorn was only “20 minutes old,” according to the person. “20 minutes?” I exclaimed, laughing. He informed me that this meant it was new.

My beverage was spilled on the ground by my father on the way back from the snack bar to our vehicle. I went back inside the business and asked the guy whether a free replacement was an option. He apologized and said I’d have to pay for another one. We were charged an additional $2.50.

The food was adequate. It didn’t have much flavor. I’ve never tasted nachos with tasteless nacho cheese. My father hoped that the jalapeno juice from his jalapenos would have improved it, but it didn’t. The hotdogs had the flavor of hotdog water. My father took one bite and then left it alone.

Tip #2: Bring a Portable Radio or Download a Radio App

Nowadays, the audio is delivered via a screen-specific FM radio station, which each automobile can listen into independently. If you don’t plan ahead of time, you’ll be limited to utilizing your car audio and will have to keep your car running all the while. If you leave your car running, it might kill the battery or waste a lot of gas.

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins, directed by Robert Schwentke, was the movie we chose to view. The movie was amazing. However, the audio stopped for a few seconds during the movie, and when it resumed, the audio was at least 10 seconds delayed. I asked my father to turn on the radio. The audio was still a little sluggish. I called the theater’s phone number to inform them of the situation, and they informed us that it was due to a radio malfunction and that we may return to the entrance for a refund. I was irritated. My father insisted on watching the movie until the present scene was completed. I was so irritated that I refused to watch any more of it. I left to sit at a table in front of the snack bar to wait until he was ready to leave.

Tip #3: Bring Jumper Cables

While I was seated at the table, trying to recover from my ruined movie experience, a guy approached me and asked if I had driven here myself. “No, I came here with my dad, and he’s parked right over there,” I explained. He came over to see if I had any jumper cables since his car wouldn’t start.

This is one reason you should bring a portable radio and make sure all of the inside lights are turned off to save your car battery.

If your car battery dies, the theater or surrounding cars will most likely be able to jump start it. You won’t have to worry about finding jumper cables or a portable charger late at night if you have your own.

Tip #4: Bring a Flashlight

Because the area was quite dark, I had to use my phone’s flashlight to get to and from our destinations. It’s also a good idea to have some form of light source so that you can be seen and avoid being hit if automobiles are driving around with no headlights on, possibly to respect movie-goers.

Unfortunately, we did not finish the movie and cannot find it on any streaming services online. We went to get our movie refund and then headed straight to the restaurant “Cook Out.”

I hope my bad drive-in movie experience inspires you to be more prepared than we were. If you have any further tips for my readers, please leave them in the comments! Thanks for reading!


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Let Me Tell You How Good McDonough, GA’s Tutti Frutti Is – Frozen Yogurt Shop

I was craving some more yogurt that night, so I’m definitely planning to go back.

We ended up at a frozen yogurt shop a day after trying a new ice cream shop. I had no idea what to expect this time. I don’t think I’ve had frozen yogurt in at least three years.

My uncle came up with the idea. He wanted to delight his daughter and nieces with a fun outing before they returned to school this week.

Tutti Frutti is a self-serve frozen yogurt shop with 16 flavors and a variety of toppings for only .49 cents per ounce.

This shop is located at 1495 GA-20, McDonough, GA 30253.

Christian (right), Jada (left), Katie (right), and uncle Punkin (right).
Mya with her shades on.

The colors used in the interior décor of this shop were adorable. I failed to capture a toddler-friendly table and chair set they had, as well as a couple of high chairs for the little ones.

I turned around and Christian had a cup in his hand pointing at the yogurt machines lol.

On the left, we pick up a cup, and on the right, there are machines where we can choose our own flavors. Mango, watermelon, vanilla, chocolate, peach, cake batter, cookies and cream, and other flavors are available.

My flavors: Peach & Watermelon
Jada’s Flavor: Cake Batter
Ava’s Flavors: Chocolate & Cake Batter

After we’ve decided on our yogurt flavors, we added our toppings.

The pricing were determined by the weight of each cup of yogurt and toppings. Our cost for all five of our cups came to roughly $45 total.

For a brief moment, I presided over the gathering and suggested we sit on the green seating, which was cuter than the orange. We all relaxed, joked, and ate as we all wondered what type of concoction Katie was eating lol.

Thank you for the treat, Uncle Punkin; we all had a great time. I was craving some more yogurt last night, so I’m going to see when I can go back.

Please let me know in the comments if any of my readers have any other frozen yogurt shop recommendations for us to visit, or if this post inspired you to try Tutti Frutti! Thanks for reading!


Tutti Frutti

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What To Expect From Conyers, GA’s Cold Stone Creamery – Ice Cream Shop

I’m not a big fan of ice cream. I almost never finish my ice cream, but this was an exception. I ate EVERYTHING.

The fact that we landed up here was a completely random occurrence. My son and I had just finished getting ready for the day. Every Friday, we make it a point to take the kids to Dairy Queen and the adults to Chik Fil A. It was Friday and time to eat!

Instead of eating ice cream from Dairy Queen, my aunt suggested we go to Cold Stone Brewery, which had been recommended by a cousin of ours. Sure, I said. I don’t eat ice cream very often, but it’s always interesting to try something new.

Before visiting new destinations, I like to be well-prepared. On the way, I looked up their menu online to see what they had. I explored their signature creations. I couldn’t decide between their “Chocolate Devotion” (chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, brownie, and fudge) and “Surrender to Strawberry” (strawberry ice cream, yellow cake, strawberries, and whipped topping). I eventually decided on strawberry ice cream because I could get the waffle cone dipped in chocolate, giving me both chocolate and strawberry!

According to their website, which is referenced at the bottom of the page, Cold Stone Creamery has been serving up the tastiest, freshest ice cream, cakes, smoothies, and shakes for more than 30 years, utilizing only the highest quality ingredients and, of course, their trademark process of creating your custom ice cream creation on a frozen granite stone.

Me (right), Ava (middle), and Mya (left)

We entered a long line. Of course, on a hot summer Friday, it’s long. There were at least ten people in line ahead of us. I only saw three staff (one out of the three wore a mask), yet everyone was patient as they worked rapidly to serve everyone. I’d estimate it took us between 10 – 20 minutes to get to the counter and place our orders.

Their signature creations.
I thought the orange color was so pretty.

We each got a small ice cream scoop. Mya chose a plain cotton candy ice cream with sprinkles. Ava placed an order for the Cake Batter Batter Batter (cake batter ice cream, cookie dough, and brownie). I placed my order for strawberry ice cream.

A small size ice cream costs $4.59, a medium costs $4.99, and a large costs $5.69.

I thought it was really cool that you could take their ice cream home in small tubs.

Thank you for the recommendation, Ashley! It was incredible.

I’m not a big fan of ice cream. I almost never finish my ice cream, but this was an exception. I ate EVERYTHING.

If any of my readers have any more ice cream shop recommendations for us to visit, or if this post has inspired you to try Cold Stone Creamery, please let me know in the comments! Thank you for reading!


Cold Stone Creamery

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