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Family Valentine’s Party | Halcyon | Alpharetta, GA | 02/12/2022

This was my first visit to Halcyon, and I now wish I lived in Alpharetta so that I could attend practically every event they do. Parking was considerably easier than anticipated. A parking garage is located across the street from the event site. There was plenty of parking space available. We arrived on the fourth … Continue reading “Family Valentine’s Party | Halcyon | Alpharetta, GA | 02/12/2022”

Family Movie Night at Home | Checklist | Valentine’s Day | 2022

Essentials 1. Plush Pajamas Spend some time lounging about in an extremely comfortable fabric. 2. Put on Your Red Fuzzy Socks Relax in socks that are the most comfortable for your feet. 3. Red Heart Valentine’s Day Head Bopper Make a statement this Valentine’s Day with a colorful and charming head bopper! 4. A Warm … Continue reading “Family Movie Night at Home | Checklist | Valentine’s Day | 2022”

Lunch Date with My Little Cupid | The Melting Pot | Atlanta, GA

The Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant, offering a range of fondue cooking styles as well as distinctive meals, salads, and amazing desserts. It was simple to find parking because it was immediately close to the restaurant. The parking fee was ten dollars. I booked reservations at 3pm and arrived around 10 minutes late, but they … Continue reading “Lunch Date with My Little Cupid | The Melting Pot | Atlanta, GA”


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